Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the main festival for all the Chinese around the world. History of the Chinese New Year is a long story. For more information about the history of Chinese New Year, CLICK on the History. Besides, there is a traditional dance during the Chinese New Year. The traditional dances are Lion Dance and Dragon dances. During the Chinese New Year, the Lion Dance group will start visit all the chinese’s house. Besides lion dance, parents will give their children ‘angpau’.

Reunion Dinner ( Tuan Juan Fan)

It is mostly being celebrated before CNY where every family member outstation or near will gather together and have a dinner together. It is either at home or in a restaurant for more wealthy family.


There will be a lot of fireworks going on the first day of the CNY especially when the clock struck at 12 midnight where the CNY begins. Every Chinese house will lit the fireworks in the hope to welcome the new fortune of the year and get rid of the bad luck on the previous year.

“Ang Pau”

Is a red packet use to put money in by the parents or someone who is married to the little children that visited their house and their own kids. IT signify one wishes for the kids to grow up well and good health to them. An adults who does not married yet will still recieve IT which means that the giver hopes she/him to get married soon.


There are a few of famous dances preferred by Chinese which is being play during the CNY. The most favourite dances are Lion Dance and Dragon Dance. This two dances is believed that hiring it to play at one’s house will bring good fortune for them and scare of the bad luck.


During the CNY visiting among relative and friends, food will be prepared at the houses which conduct open house and tit bits will be provide at every chinese house which is biscuit, chips (Keropok), “acha”(sauce for the keopok), soft drinks and the most important is BBQ pork (bak gua) where all of the chinese love it. There is also glutanous rice in every chinese house but it is mostly ate after the CNY because the main purpose of it is as n offering to the “Chai Sen Yea” (wealth god).


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