Ghost Month

Hungry Ghost Months is believe by the Chinese to be months where all the ghost from underworld came up to feast and sometimes they even took civilians life. This festival always fall on between August and September where parents forbid their children to go out at night. It is also called “Zhong Yuan Jie” in Chinese. For more detail information please click History

14th Night on Lunar Calender

This is the day where Chinese believe that underworld gate is being open where harmful and benevelent ghost came up to roam around the earth. During this day, no ones marry or moves their house and no drying of cloth at night where there is romour that the ghost will ‘borrowed’ it. There is one advice by the elders during this day is do not turn if someone call u from behind.

Selling of types of Offering Material

Many types of offering is being sold during this months which is incense and joss paper that were burn for the dead where the joss paper is believe to be the ‘hell money’ for the dead to use. Food like pork, duck, chicken and Steam Sponge Cake for the dead to ‘eat’.


Parade is being conducted in order to ‘please’ the spirit that wonder around the area. Dances like lion dance, dragon dance is a must. During this parade, stalls or shop will set up offering for the ghost and others will burn joss paper and incense for their ancestor. At night there will be karaoke singing and orchestra being play for the dead to enjoy. There will be also a famous competition on where the competitors will compete to get the gift which are on the tip of a bunch of bamboos. It believe that the winner will have good luck for the whole year.

Some of the Chinese went to visit their ancestor at the graveyard and clean the tomb at the same time serve the offering to the dead.


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