Mooncake Festival

Mooncake festival is celebrated around the end of September. According to the Lunar calender, Mooncake festival fall on the 15th day of the eight month. The others name of the mooncake festival is mid-autumn festival. This is a  short video that tells the history of the mooncake festival. Brief history.


According to the name of this festival, mooncake is the main food for this festival. There are a lot of variety taste for the mooncake, such as red bean, lotus, kaya and etc. But the most traditional is the red bean.







The traditional game that play during mooncake festival  is lantern. This is the time for all kids to gather and having fun together. They will go around the neighborhood with lantern or just hanging it around the fences or surrounding of the house. for the adults, they will enjoy mooncake together with chinese tea under the moon in front of their house or on their own garden.


There will be also some parade going on along the river where float are filled with all types of lantern or decoration. The winner which is the most pretty or unique decoration will receive prices and awards.

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