Christmas is commanly celebrated by the Christian in Sarawak. It is also being celebrated by others community such as Muslim and Indian but a bit different as Christian. It is celebrated on the 25th of December where in the bible state that it is the rise of Jesus. This day, all friends and family will group together to rejoice, more understanding, giving and forgiving among each other. Celebration of Christmas in Sarawak is a bit different compare to the European country.


In Christian houses there will be Christmas tree too but it is just an artificial tree, fill with decoration like others country. There will also be gifts underneath the tree or stocking hanging at the end of the children bed. Besides, all types of Christmas trees can be seen in the malls, with even small houses build beside it. Some will have ‘Santa Clause’ and his assistant beside to give present for the little kids. Songs will be heard all around the malls or through the medias. There will be caroling done from house to house by the church carol band or in a restaurant where the carol band is being invited to.


There is all kinds of food sells in the malls. Promotion for Christmas in the restaurant is done also where lots of food like BBQ roaster, Stew beef, BBQ lamb and wine being serve in the restaurant. Christmas house cake, Ginger Bread Men and many types of candy can be seen in malls or bakery shop.


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