Kuching Festivals


For a couple of years prior to the formation of Malaysia, the town of Kuching hosted an annual carnival known as the Sarawak Festival.  During the occasion, there were colourful lantern processions with giant butterflies, school badges, grasshoppers and dragons of traditional Chinese designs.  These were accompanied by a parade of colourfully-decorated and brightly-lit floats as well as inter-secondary school drama competitions making this a truly art-orientated event. Sadly, the period of emergency which followed, saw the death of the Sarawak Festival and killed off any enthusiasm to reenact the event after Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963. The idea of the Kuching Festival was first suggested in November, 1985 with the intention of reviving a similar festival, which was originally organized a couple years, prior to the formation of Malaysia, but which had subsequently been abandoned. The earlier festival was called “The Sarawak Festival” and aimed at promoting the development of arts. The Kuching Festival materialized the following year, and has been held annually ever since. In 1986 a PATA (Pacific Area Tourism Association) Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur. The event marked as it were, the awakening of the nation’s consciousness towards developing its tourism industry. The first Kuching Festival was initiated in April that year, by the Kuching Municipal Council, as an effort in response to the nation’s call to organize activities to highlight the nation’s tourist attractions for the delegates to the PATA Conference.Over the years, we have seen the festival grow from a medium scale event to the month-long carnival it is today.  The highlight has always been, and still is, the Kuching Festival Parade with unique participation from the city’s mascot, the cat!Taking on the artistically-inclined theme of the past, the Kuching Festival, in its 16th anniversary, aims to promote culture and the arts (making Kuching the Arts capital of Sarawak). Events throughout the month emphasize this, as members of the public and visitors to Kuching get the opportunity to enjoy dramatic performances, musical concerts, galleries, exhibitions and so forth. With this, comes the festival of food, something no event of this calibre can do without! This aspect of the Kuching Festival plans to boost the local food and tourism industry.


There are a lot of foods that sell in the Kuching Festival. Every restaurant will try their best to get a place in the Kuching Festival because Kuching Festival is the best time and place for them to promote their food and services. This is due to each of the Kuching citizen will spend at least one night at the Kuching festival so if they get a place at Kuching festival they can introduce their food to all the Kuching citizen.


During the Kuching Festival, there will have some car show and some performance. For example, there will have singing competition and some dances show. Besides, there will have some fun fair for the children to spent time.


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